International Organisation for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development
IKED - International Organisation for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development

Global Forum This year's GLOBAL FORUM will be hosted by the City of Copenhagen. The event takes place on November 5-6 and gathers a rich network of participants deeply involved with ICT's transformation of modern society. IKED provides support for the event, takes part in the steering committee and contributes notably on health issues and nature-based solutions.
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:: IKED is a non-political and non-profit organization operating on the platform of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).The organization has developed a strong global network with diverse partners and network points in the public as well as private sectors, covering more than 40 countries. Read more ...

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Publications :: For introduction material to ongoing work, see for example the Data and Wellbeing leaflet.
::For a recent contribution from IKEDs representative to changing role of international organisatons, see. Publications produced over the years are available for free or at special rates. Inquiries can be directed to the Secretariat.
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